Who We Are

We are storytellers.

Born and raised near Hollywood, building stories of all kinds is in our DNA. Not everyone can craft and maintain a high quality narrative that connects with people, but we can, and we like to bring that skill to brands.

We use our deep entertainment experience to help clients of all sizes discover their unique brand stories and then facilitate the expression of those stories in a variety of visual mediums. Many times this expression comes in the form of video production, but it also can be through social media, design, web, and more. By keeping our team lean and only ramping up when a project calls for it, we can also be budget friendly

We love storytelling so much that we even spend part of our time developing our own original content as well. That is why we don’t consider ourselves just an advertising agency or yet another production company, but rather a creative workshop where Serendipity is the norm.

What We Do


  • Video Production Plus
  • Concepting / Copywriting
  • Social Media/ Web Development
  • Branding / Design



  • Unscripted Shows
  • Scripted Series
  • Feature Films
  • Sketch Comedy
  • Music



RUF500 Diver Watch - Product Video
RUF Watches
RUF500 Diver Watch - Product VideoView
OC Poolscapes Interview Series
OC Poolscapes
OC Poolscapes Interview SeriesView
COVID-19 Response
American Airlines
COVID-19 ResponseView
Frozen II: Behind The Music
Frozen II: Behind The MusicView
Endgame Partnership - The Takedown
Stand Up To Cancer, Mastercard, & Marvel Studios
Endgame Partnership - The TakedownView

Brand Story Partners

American Airlines
Stand Up to Cancer