Video production

What is the importance of Video Production?


Video is the most refined form of visual communication. It’s a style that everyone understands, and it has progressed through time. Over the past two years, the percentage of corporations using video production to communicate has risen from 67% to 89%.

Brands that create intelligent and distinctive video content for their audiences are those that strikeout in the digital world. What about the market-leading brands? Since the beginning, they have been producing intelligent video material, and they’re still pushing the limits today.


Why is video essential for your brand?


Video is a good demonstration of your service/product.

According to statistics, video grabs your target audience’s attention and comprehension in less than 2 minutes. To keep the audience interested, a great video contains an enticing combo of visuals and audio.

Viewers retain 95% of the message when watching a video but just 10% when reading written information.

Around 72% of customers prefer to have a video describe a product or service to them over any other communication source. When they watch a video, they comprehend the information better about your service/product and how your brand is a problem solver.

Video is far more successful than textual content and raise buyer purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%.


Video tends to increase your sales.

As a video quickly engages more audience, higher engagement leads to increased viewer-to-customer conversions. Adding a video on the website may boost the conversion rates by as much as 20% or even more!

Approximately half of the internet users search for videos about a product before they head out to buy it. Even marketers who use video for marketing their service/product saw a 49% increase in revenue than non-video users.

There’s something about video that makes you feel more enthusiastic and confident about the service/product.


A video represents your brand’s voice and culture better.

The importance of your visual elements cannot be emphasized more. They’re an opportunity for you to demonstrate all of these skills to your audience.

The most effective strategy to see what a brand can achieve uniquely for you as well as how they sound, look, and feel, is to view their video.

For video, the sound is critical, and low quality is intolerable for viewers. However, social media doesn’t rely on sound entirely; 85% of Facebook videos are viewed without sound.

A well-thought-out video strategy is a future approach, and it’s a communicative method that can’t be underestimated.


Why Should You Choose Serendipity Works for a Video Production Company In Orange County?


Storytelling is our passion, which is why we even develop our own original projects. So when clients come to us with video content needs, with very particular business goals and objectives, we love the challenge. Together, we produce compelling videos that yield lasting results. This is why, above everything else, we prioritize achieving your prime objective with your target audience.

Video Production Company in Orange County

We are confident that, with our extensive experience, creativity, and technical capabilities, we can assist you in:

  • Conveying a powerful brand narrative and cultivating a bond with your target audience so they understand who you are and why you are unique, which can provide your business with a competitive advantage.
  • Creating high conversion rate strategic marketing videos that arouse interest and persuade your audience to respond, sending them along your sales cycle.
  • Capturing high-quality videos of your events and use them as a marketing tool in the future.
  • Creatively visualizing your clients’ transformative stories so that prospective customers may view things through the lens of your former clients, boosting your marketing strategy.
  • Telling captivating stories that affect people profoundly will have an emotional impact on your audience.
  • Producing profitable training tools that keep employees focused, allowing you to mentor them more efficiently, decrease employee mistakes, and reduce turnover.

We are a welcoming, engaging group of creative experts dedicated to delivering high-quality production while fulfilling your video communication objectives.

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